Arapahoe County Coroner

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Dr. Lear has been a Forensic Pathologist at the Arapahoe County Coroner's Office since 2004. She has performed over 5000 autopsies and has been an expert witness in hundreds of criminal trials and civil proceedings. Dr. Lear brings local and national leadership to Arapahoe County as a nationally recognized expert in forensic pathology, infant and childhood death investigation and prevention, mass fatality management, and forensic pathologist training and education.



A Forensic Pathologist as Coroner saves the County significant funds and eliminates bureaucracy, while simultaneously delivering the highest caliber of death investigation under national accreditation standards. Under Dr. Lear's leadership, her office has maintained national accreditation by the National Association of Medical Examiners, one of only four Coroner's Offices in Colorado to do so (all of which have a forensic pathologist as the Coroner/Chief Medical Examiner).



Dr. Lear provides medically informed decisions and consultations to the citizens of the county and to partner agencies. She has well-established relationships with community partners, including law enforcement agencies, funeral homes, the public health department, the legal community, and the medical community. She ensures inclusivity by treating all patients and their loved ones with dignity and respect. 

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Having a Forensic Pathologist as Coroner ensures medical decisions are made by a medical doctor and guarantees unbiased death investigation and autopsy performance. The opioid epidemic and COVID-19 pandemic have stretched resources nationwide, and Arapahoe County is fortunate to have forensic pathology assets at a time when there is a national shortage of physicians in this specialty.

As a board-certified Forensic Pathologist and the only physician on the ballot, my education as well as my experience make me the most qualified person for this position. No other candidate will have the background training and hands-on involvement that I bring to the office. Electing a Forensic Pathologist to the Office of Coroner provides our citizens with access to the highest quality death investigations and medical resources, while saving the county significant funds and eliminating bureaucracy.

I invite you to get to know me and see what the Office of the Coroner is really about. I am happy to meet with you personally or with any interested group or organization. I would be honored to have your continued support as Arapahoe County Coroner.

- Kelly Lear, M.D.